Is Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner Safe?


Drain Cleaner or Drain Opener are not safe household products.
Liquid Fire Drain Opener or Drain Cleaner has the letter “d”.  These products actually cause damage to your house or home plumbing.  We’ve all seen a chrome drain trap with the bottom eaten away by drain cleaner.

Liqui-Fire is safe on water pipes plus it can also be used on drains, sewers, and septic pipes, septic tanks, and septic systems.

Liqui-Fire ( with no letter “d” ) looks like this and has endorsements here.

Damage to pipes from drain cleaners or drain openers can be seen here.

See the truth on drain cleaner here:
This could be your mother:
This could be your grandmother:
Or is this your family pet?

You wouldn’t wash your face with drain cleaner and you don’t want drain cleaner in your pipes.

Thawing frozen pipes with drain cleaner or drain opener is not a good idea.  It may or may not work but the companies that market it will tell you it does.  Some of them lie just to get your money.

Drain cleaners or drain openers are extremely dangerous and continue to destructively eat anything including the pipes they were used in.  Do we really want to pay a plumber to replace sections of our pipes that drain cleaners and drain openers have destroyed?  That is costly.

Have you ever D.I.Y. and poured drain cleaner into your clogged sink only to find out that it ate through the plumbing beneath your sink and now you have a nasty mess below to clean up and possibly paint?  Many of us have.

Liqui-Fire is safe for thawing residential and commercial water intake pipes, drains, septic systems, septic tanks, septic fields, and sewage pipes or sewer lines.

It is always $19.99 plus tax.  To order, select your country here.

Liqui-Fire – Thaws Frozen Pipes


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Liqui-Fire – is the simplest way to thaw frozen pipes because it works!

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For more than 2 decades Liqui-Fire has been the industry leader.

There are no other cost to thaw your frozen water feed or water intake pipes, drains, sewers, septic system pipes lines or tank.  That’s it, just twenty bucks.  Simply keep a bottle of Liqui-Fire on hand in case your pipes begin to show signs of freezing or becoming frozen.  If your pipes are frozen the use Liqui-Fire immediately or A.S.A.P. to reduce the amount of time it takes to thaw your pipe.

Liqui-Fire instructions are as follow:

1 – Invert Liqui-Fire and shake aggressively, just like you would paint.

2 – Pour Liqui-Fire into the frozen system above where it is frozen.

3 – Now go and do something you enjoy.  Liqui-Fire works, so you don’t have to~!

Actual customers say relax and do not worry if you use Liqui-Fire.

One younger customer in British Columbia had a frozen water line or poly-pipe.  He and his wife had bucketed water for over 6 weeks from a mountain creek on their property.  He ordered 6 bottle of “LIQUI-FIRE”.  He poured 3 in and then flushed the pipe with water to try to push “LIQUI-FIRE” through faster.  That didn’t work and so he called us.  He poured in the other 3 bottles and was told not to back flush.

The next day he called and was as happy as can be when he told me, “If you were here right now, my wife would kiss you!”  Now that’s a happy customer.

Regardless of how you call it a house, a home, a building, a structure, thaw, thawing, unthaw, unthawing, unfreeze, unfreezing, in a wall, in the ground, under or beneath your mobile home, underground, or whatever,,, Liqui-Fire works so you don’t have to.

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Heat Trace / Tracing Tapes

Heat Trace / Heat Tracing Tapes / Frost Prevention Heat Tapes

Most come with a 5 year LIMITED WARRANTY.  The fine print warranty is often limited to the replacement cost of the product ONLY.  Some limited warranties specify that these products must be installed correctly by a licensed plumber.  Either way you are stuck paying for any damages incurred from a frozen pipe.

Although the initial expense of these products seem moderately priced, it is the month after month year after year added electrical utility charges that add up.  Again in 5 years you will have to replace these again at your cost.

Liqui-Fire, Heat Tapes, and drain cleaners all have an initial cost.  Heat trace tapes has the initial product cost, it has the installation cost of a plumber as per the limited warranty product replacement, it has a monthly electrical or electricity utility cost, plus these products cause environmental damage called “Global Warming” which cost us all.

Residential pipes that freeze may include, water feed lines or well intakes, pipes in a wall, pipes beneath your residence, drains, sewage lines such as septic system tanks and pipes.  When any of your pipes freeze it is a huge inconvenience.  You can’t use one without the other working properly regardless of what you call them.

Your best choice of options for thawing any frozen residential pipe is always Liqui-Fire.  It is only $19.99 plus tax and has no addition hidden cost nor monthly up-charge on your electrical utility bill.  Liqui-Fire works inside your pipes making it simple to use to thaw your pipes in the wall or underground.  Installing Heat Trace Tape on all your pipes above and below ground becomes extremely expensive when you consider the hourly rate of a licensed plumber via the installation fine print.  PLUS: if your pipes freeze even though you have used Heat Trace Tape, then you will need to use Liqui-Fire or wait until spring.

The best suggestion is to keep a bottle of Liqui-Fire on hand just in case your pipes should ever freeze.  Save and enjoy your money~!

Category coming soon, Environmental Damage caused by Heat Trace Tape and Heat Blankets.

Drain Cleaner Damage & Dangers


Read about real people, real forensic facts & truths, versus the safety of drain cleaners and/or drain openers.  These truths about the dangers, pipe damage, and human dis-figuration can be seen here at:

Drain Cleaner – Cheap but *read this*

Many homeowners have used a crystal or liquid drain cleaner or drain opener.  There are many brand names.  Many of us have found we had to replace the drain trap after using one of these products as it continues to aggressively eat through plumbing parts, eg: a bathroom vanity drain trap.

Although a vanity drain trap is visible and easily replaced, it is a hidden cost.  What is more hidden though is the damage done to your plumbing in hidden areas that you do not see.  The forensic photo found on the page listed above shows that chemical deterioration continues to occur to a drain pipe sewage system even though the drain cleaner / drain opener was used 4 days prior.

So do not use drain cleaners or drain openers if you have frozen pipes.  Some people call it thaw or thawing or unthaw or unthawing or even unfreezing a frozen pipe.  If you are wondering how to D.I.Y. (do it yourself) and what to safely use to thaw your frozen water intake pipes or well pipes, your drains, sewers, septic system lines and tanks, then you have just found the ONLY safe solution other than good fortune and luck or a plumber.

So for your personal safety as well as to prevent deterioration of your drains, sewers, septic pipes, septic tanks, and septic system line it is therefore recommended that you consider using other safe alternatives.

On days when the weather is freezing outside and your underground pipes and some pipes in your walls are exposed to the frigid cold of winter, it is a good practice to open cupboard doors and run some hot water before calling it a night.

Hello Everyone

Liqui-Fire thaws frozen water intake pipes and drains & sewers, septics, and all residential systems safely.

Liqui-Fire has no letter “D”

I’d like to welcome everyone.  Most of you are here because you have a frozen pipe of some sort.

Well we are happy you found our blog on frozen pipes.  We are an honest marketer period.  No B.S. here.

You will be happy to know that Liqui-Fire thaws frozen pipes in walls or underground including intake water & well pipes, drains & sewers pipes, septic lines and systems.

So please relax and enjoy knowing that you have found the right product of thawing frozen pipes especially those of you that have to endure freezing cold weather while trying to thaw your pipes the old fashioned way.

Whether you call it thaw, thawing, unthaw, unthawing, unfreeze, unfreezing, melt, or melting, fixing, or DIY or D.Y.I., it’s still a problem and often it is an outside problem in the ground or underground, or under a mobile home where most homeowners would never install heat trace tape. Save your money and save you time.
That’s why people that have used Liqui-Fire says, “It works, so you don’t have to”.