Hello Everyone

Liqui-Fire thaws frozen water intake pipes and drains & sewers, septics, and all residential systems safely.

Liqui-Fire has no letter “D”

I’d like to welcome everyone.  Most of you are here because you have a frozen pipe of some sort.

Well we are happy you found our blog on frozen pipes.  We are an honest marketer period.  No B.S. here.

You will be happy to know that Liqui-Fire thaws frozen pipes in walls or underground including intake water & well pipes, drains & sewers pipes, septic lines and systems.

So please relax and enjoy knowing that you have found the right product of thawing frozen pipes especially those of you that have to endure freezing cold weather while trying to thaw your pipes the old fashioned way.

Whether you call it thaw, thawing, unthaw, unthawing, unfreeze, unfreezing, melt, or melting, fixing, or DIY or D.Y.I., it’s still a problem and often it is an outside problem in the ground or underground, or under a mobile home where most homeowners would never install heat trace tape. Save your money and save you time.
That’s why people that have used Liqui-Fire says, “It works, so you don’t have to”.