How to Fix or Thawing Frozen Sewer Pipe Lines Sewage Pipes Outside Underground

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Water is the #1 essential in life.  Without water, food and shelter do not matter.

Every store in any country is owned by someone and it is the free chose of these store owners to fill their stores with what consumers ask for and what they themselves decide upon.

It is up to you as a consumer to speak directly to the store own so that the store owner knows what his customers need and want.  Store clerks or store cashiers are not the ones that can help.

Take a printed copy of either page below to your favorite store and they will order Liqui-Fire.

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Good stores satisfy C.E.O.’s. Great stores satisfy you!

Thawing frozen sewer pipes is not a pleasant task at all.  It can be stinky, messy, and as gross an experience as you may ever endure during the frigid bitter cold of winter.  Everything is frozen, the weather is freezing, and frost and crap (and I do mean crap) is on everything.  It gets on your clothes, your gloves, your tools and more.These stress, frustrations, and delays of having frozen sewer pipes can be reduced substantially if you keep a couple of bottles of Liqui-Fire available in your home or cottage.Here is the reality of it all.  Basically there is one method that works and that is Liqui-Fire.  Method 2 being drain cleaner will eat a hole through your pipe and you still have a frozen pipe.  Method 3 being heat tace tape or heatline heat tape will only work… IF… it runs the entire length of you pipe and is turned on all the time.  But most heat tapes are not underground or in the ground.  Heat trace tapes increase the cost of your electrical utility bill every month and has to be replaced every 5 years as per manufacturers warranty.

Liqui-Fire cost only $24.99 plus tax.  There are no damages and dangerous risk that are associated with drain cleaners and drain openers.  There are no costly monthly electrical utility bills month after month along with the total replacement cost of heat tapes, heat trace tapes, or frost prevention tapes (depending on which company calls its product).

So you can save your money, forget your headaches, and enjoy the safety and convenience of Liqui-Fire.  It works, so you don’t have to.

It is always $24.99 plus tax.  To order, select your country here.

Remember: There is NO letter “d” in Liqui-Fire.  “D” stands for dangerous, destructive, and dumb and is found in other products and practices.

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