Liqui-Fire ( NO letter “D” ) Thaws frozen pipes safely & fast

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Good stores satisfy C.E.O.’s. Great Stores Satisfy You!

Always use the correct product for the task at hand.
Both products do one job only!
Liqui-Fire is for thawing frozen water drain sewer and septic pipes, while Liquid Fire only eats clogged drain pipes.
   or  Liquid Fire has a letter "d" as does Dangerous and Hazardous
This will eliminate any confusion to you, our valued customers.
Liqui-Fire has NO letter “d” and is by Woodsmans International.  Liqui-Fire will safely thaw intake water pipes + drain pipes + sewer lines + septic systems in walls and underground.
Liquid Fire with a letter “d” in by Amazing Products Inc.  Liquid Fire Drain Opener is intended for commercial use by licensed plumbers.  It is sulfuric acid.
  Click here to see why there is no “d” in Liqui-Fire.
There is no danger of deadly fumes from trying to thaw a frozen pipe with toxic drain cleaners and no risk of hazardous chemical burns associated with drain cleaners.
Also, you will not be burdened with monthly increases to your electric bills like the high price and high cost associated with using plumbing repair cost associated with deterioration from the use of drain cleaners.
Liqui-Fire works so you don’t have to!
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