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Envision a large block of ice. Call it the Polar Ice Cap.

Now envision Frost Prevention Heat Tracing Tapes & Cables.  They are an Electric Stove Element.

The SOLE purpose of this product is to prevent ice from forming NATURALLY.  Frost Prevention Tapes or Cables and/or Heat Trace Tapes or Cables are the same thing.

They produce heat to prevent NATURAL ICE from forming.

Every year another 200 Million More Feet is added to that electric stove element spiraling around the North Pole. Each lap of the spiral has 3 feet of space between the next lap of that spiral.

The element consumes electricity from electric power generation made from various forms of pollution and/or heat causing electric power generation methods.

Do you see what is causing “Global Warming?”

This is commercial greed.  It is definitely responsible for global warming.

We the world can no longer entrust the safe stewardship of planet Earth to Profiteering Multinational Corporations.

“Heat Trace Tape” and/or “Frost Prevention Heat Tracing Tape” and/or “Heat Transfer Tapes and Cables” are just a few marketed names.

It is visually easy to see and understand the damage caused by just one company’s sales of Heat Trace Tapes and/or Frost Prevention Heat Tapes. The indisputable damage can clearly be understood clearly if one visualizes the same annual sales of 200,000,000 feet of copper heat trace tapes or frost prevention heat tape is coiled around the north pole at merely 2 feet between each spiral. Add another 200,000,000 feet every year and multiply that by the number of companies making Heat Trace Tape and/or Frost Prevention Heat Tracing Tape products and you can see the enormity of this foreseen disaster.

Can you still envision Polar Ice Caps? How about Glacial Ice Fields? Soon winter as we know it will vanish next.

The polar ice caps will be gone forever if some sort of campaign is not implemented immediately. Greenland and Iceland are already documented evidence of such cause and effects of the use of this product.

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