B-Cards for thawing frozen water pipes, drains, sewers and septic pipes.

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Liqui-Fire is solely owned by Woodsmans International.

Liqui-Fire has NO letter “D” and is not called “Pipe Thaw”

Liqui-Fire Thaws Frozen Pipes Safely. That’s it. As hardworking and true as its inventor here at Woodsmans International.

Good stores satisfy C.E.O.’s.   –   Great stores satisfy you!

thaw frozen pipes, thawing frozen drains, unthaw frozen sewers, frozen waste pipes

Liqui-Fire safely thaws frozen water pipes, frozen drains, frozen sewers, and septic feed pipes and tanks.

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Last modified: 01/22/13    –    Liqui-Fire site en français

Good stores satisfy C.E.O.’s.      Great stores satisfy you!

Liqui-Fire thaws frozen intake water lines, well intakes, drains & sewer pipes, septic systems lines & pipes.  Liqui-Fire works so you don’t have to.  It works for frozen pipes in a wall, under a floor, or underground, even where digging is not an easy option.

Don’t get stuck in the freezing winter cold weather.  Don’t pay needless electric bills that are associated with using heat tapes continuously.  Remember: a frozen pipe is a rare occurrence but heat tapes and heat blankets consumer energy daily and only have a 5 year warranty.  Save yourself from worries and keep a bottle of Liqui-Fire on hand just in case your pipes ever freeze up.