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Liqui-Fire is solely owned by Woodsmans International.

ALL retail stores can order manufacture direct without an account.  NO sales reps will visit your store.  Click here to order Liqui-Fire now.

Liqui-Fire has NO letter “D” and it is not called “Pipe Thaw”

Liqui-Fire Thaws Frozen Pipes.  That’s it.  As hardworking and true as its inventor here at Woodsmans International.

Good stores satisfy C.E.O.’s.   –   Great stores satisfy you!

When it comes to supporting Liqui-Fire, we do it all.  From radio commercials on thawing frozen pipes, water line, drains, sewers, septic system lines and more.

We give away hats, pens, pocket protectors, and much much more.  Our radio commercials are heard on many stations internationally.

Consumers can also order any of our promotional support products online as well.

Many retailers are enjoying our pocket protectors which market Liqui-Fire and hold pens just like the one shown here.

Liqui-Fire saves you money and is always sold for $19.99 plus tax.  Liqui-Fire thaws frozen pipes in Canada, the United States, and many countries in the Euro-Zone.  See for further details.

Remember: Liqui-Fire works, so you don’t have to!  So ask for Liqui-Fire by name.  

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