X DANGERS X of Thawing Frozen Pipes and Sewers

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Life teaches us all that there are only 2 types of people in this world.  There are Honest Caring people that do the right thing even if no one is watching.  Then there are Dishonest Uncaring people that don’t care to be honest at all.

Both types of people run governments, corporations, businesses, retail stores.

There are still some honest people who care to help other people.  And secondly, there are the majority which are dishonest and lie about things.  The people in the last category are also too lazy to bother helping you because they really don’t care.

One company fooled retailers into buying $87 million worth of acid drain cleaner.  Another corporation instructs store owners to lie to you and tell you its product is “Nick Named” Liqui-Fire.  It is not.  Some corporations and store owners are in the first group and some corporations and store owners unfortunately are in the second group of people.

This could happen to you and your home if you trust the dishonest marketers.

Well the fact of the matter is that there is only one Liqui-Fire and it says Liqui-Fire and Woodsmans International on it.  Liqui-Fire is the ONLY Liqui-Fire.  We supply any and all stores even if we chose to discontinue supplying its warehouse.  So if you need Liqui-Fire tell your favorite store and if they are honest and care about you, their customer, the Liqui-Fire will be there for you when you need Liqui-Fire.  And be certain to tell the store owner that we pay all shipping in anywhere in North America because we honestly care and help everyone.

Here are just a few of the dangers some manufacturers and/or marketers prefer you did not know.

Sewer gases can kill you.  SO… never leave your sewer or drain pipes open.  That will expose you to explosive and toxic methane gases.  It only takes 3 percent methane gases in the air in your home to make you sick and to kill you.

ALSO… Methane gases are highly explosive.  Every year thousands of homes are entirely demolished by ignited methane gases.  Insurance companies don’t care because insurance companies deny you claim because you created the bomb that destroyed your home.  Using electrical devices on sewer pipes is a dangerous method to try to thaw a frozen sewer.  I did a quick image search on Google for; “methane gas house explosion.”  Here is the link.  Click Here  Manufacturers of electrical devices for the purpose of thawing frozen pipes do not mention this.

Acid manufacturers do not even mention that drain and sewer pipes often burp.  NEVER look at the area that you have poured in drain cleaners.  One single burp and you could be blind and disfigured for life and you would still have frozen pipes.

Frost Prevention Heat Trace Tape Users seldom (if ever) use heat tape the entire length of a pipe.  Therefore; many home owners are shocked at discovering their water pipes are frozen or their drains, bathtub, toilets, and sewers have frozen even though they use Frost Prevention Heat Trace Tapes.  Usually heat tape is ran along the easiest accessible portion of a pipe being the section above ground.  BUT… both water pipes and sewer pipes freeze outside and in the ground or underground.

Be wise, and be careful.  Click here to order Liqui-Fire now.

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