Global Warming & Heat Trace Tape

The impact on the environment caused by the use of “Heat Trace Tape” or “Frost Prevention Heat Tape” or “Heat Transfer Tapes” is absolutely alarming.

Simply envision the Arctic Ice Cap as being similar to a tray of solid ice. Now envision that tray of ice with electrical wires dispersing heat. Do you still envision the Polar ICE caps?

In one country, one company alone boasts sales of more than 200 million feet per year. That is enough heat trace frost prevention tape to circle the world at the equator. But forget the equator and circling the Earth.

Use the North Pole and begin to spiral it leaving 2-3 feet between every lap of the spiral. 2-3 feet between laps prevents any frost or ice from developing. That 200,000,000 feet sold is by one company only in one country only. Now multiply that by the number of companies manufacturing Heat Trace Tape and/or Frost Prevention Heat Tracing Tape or Cable. Now add those millions of square miles of heat and double it each and every year. These companies are not environmentally nor socially responsible stewards of the Earth we all live on. They will profit while destroying and have made their money while the world deals with the permanent problems they caused.

Do you see any polar ice now?

Continued sales and use of Heat Trace Tapes and/or Frost Prevention Heat Tapes will cause permanent damage for millions. What ill effects is all this heat causing to communities that depend on ice roads, or to the ski industry, the snowmobile industry, the snow board industry, the skating / hockey industry, You can sense the environmental impact “Frost Prevention Heat Trace Tapes” cause.

Increases in extreme heat in other parts of the world causing droughts, raging forest fire storms, increased numbers of hurricanes & tornadoes, floods & flooding, farm lands turning into baron waste land, food shortages, etc. Increasing sales and the persistence of this practice cause permanent environmental damages globally.  And those damages affect your house or home.

Everywhere we here about Global Warming. There are many causes but generally fossil fuels and the automobile is said to be responsible. Some less publicized causes of global warming are heat trace tape & heat blankets or frost prevention blankets.

These products are all similar to one another in that they are designed solely for the purpose of keeping things warm. That is why they called them “Frost Prevention Heat Tapes”. The more they sell the greater the profits and the warmer the world will become. In essence; if these manufacturers continue to grow at their current rate then the world will become warm and these products won’t be needed. These manufacturers are not being socially or environmentally responsible.

They continually use electricity to product heat which in turn prevents frost as it naturally occurs. Some will dismiss this fact and think only of themselves. The manufactures will deny heat trace tapes have any affect on global warming. However we have to see the big picture.

The big picture once was a big sheet of ice and standard cold winter temperatures. It created a balance of weather temperatures in the winter as well as the summer. Things were normal and the standard number of people may or may not have had a pipe freeze.

Remember the big picture was a big sheet of ice we called the frozen arctic. Let’s compare the arctic ice shield and subsequent frozen ground to a couple of ice cube trays.

The Arctic Ice was like an aluminum ice cube tray without any dividers in the try. It is like the arctic ice which was one slab of ice prior to both heat trace tapes and nuclear powered ice-breaker ships cracking it up.

Shaved ice or cracked ice melts extremely fast compared to a solid tray of ice. The cracks in the ice made by heat trace tapes as well as by ice-breakers have the same effects as crushing ice. Heat trace tapes and heat blankets prevent frost from occurring naturally with continuity of the ice and frost fields. Ice or frozen actually melts extremely rapidly if the ground beside it is not frozen. This is exactly the same as shaved ice or crushed ice and how fast it melts compared to a solid tray of ice.

But when people begin to wake up to the truth and also realize they pay month after month for electricity to use heat trace tapes and heat blankets, then perhaps they will realize Liqui-Fire was the only method that did not cause permanent damage to our environment or cause global warming for profit.