Heat Trace / Tracing Tapes

Heat Trace / Heat Tracing Tapes / Frost Prevention Heat Tapes

Most come with a 5 year LIMITED WARRANTY.  The fine print warranty is often limited to the replacement cost of the product ONLY.  Some limited warranties specify that these products must be installed correctly by a licensed plumber.  Either way you are stuck paying for any damages incurred from a frozen pipe.

Although the initial expense of these products seem moderately priced, it is the month after month year after year added electrical utility charges that add up.  Again in 5 years you will have to replace these again at your cost.

Liqui-Fire, Heat Tapes, and drain cleaners all have an initial cost.  Heat trace tapes has the initial product cost, it has the installation cost of a plumber as per the limited warranty product replacement, it has a monthly electrical or electricity utility cost, plus these products cause environmental damage called “Global Warming” which cost us all.

Residential pipes that freeze may include, water feed lines or well intakes, pipes in a wall, pipes beneath your residence, drains, sewage lines such as septic system tanks and pipes.  When any of your pipes freeze it is a huge inconvenience.  You can’t use one without the other working properly regardless of what you call them.

Your best choice of options for thawing any frozen residential pipe is always Liqui-Fire.  It is only $19.99 plus tax and has no addition hidden cost nor monthly up-charge on your electrical utility bill.  Liqui-Fire works inside your pipes making it simple to use to thaw your pipes in the wall or underground.  Installing Heat Trace Tape on all your pipes above and below ground becomes extremely expensive when you consider the hourly rate of a licensed plumber via the installation fine print.  PLUS: if your pipes freeze even though you have used Heat Trace Tape, then you will need to use Liqui-Fire or wait until spring.

The best suggestion is to keep a bottle of Liqui-Fire on hand just in case your pipes should ever freeze.  Save and enjoy your money~!

Category coming soon, Environmental Damage caused by Heat Trace Tape and Heat Blankets.