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Last modified: Sep/3/13     Most of you know that honesty is extremely difficult to find especially when it comes to businesses that care ONLY about excessive profit.

Here you will find the truth on thawing frozen pipes without any B.S.

Discussed will be several methods of thawing frozen pipes, drain, septic systems, sewers etc in your house or home or mobile trailer, whether in a wall, under the floor, beneath your trailer, and even underground where heat trace or frost prevention tapes generally are not installed and therefore fall short of keeping your water pipes, drains, sewers, and septic systems from freezing during cold winters.

Also: The total true effects of each of these methods will be discussed including your actual cost, regular monthly hidden cost, and also the permanent environmental damages that cost us all.

Lets begin with identifying the 3 most popular methods of thawing water lines, drains, septic systems, and sewer pipes.  Also be aware that water intake pipes require SAFE products of which there is only one safe product for that which is Liqui-Fire (without the letter “d”).  Some corporate marketers claim drain cleaners are a safe product but actually drain cleaners are very dangerous.

Liqui-Fire – Safe & only $24.99 plus tax.

Drain Cleaner – Cheap but *read this*

Heat Tapes – Environmental Hazard


Please read the linked pages on the above.

Then you are able to make a wise & informed choice.

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