* A Warning to Heat Tape Users *

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Good stores satisfy C.E.O.’s. Great Stores Satisfy You!

Your outside water pipes + sewer pipes + septic pipes will freeze when the surrounding soil temperature dips below the freezing point.

Here is why.

People install Frost Prevention Heat Trace Tapes above ground inside a house or crawl space where pipes are easily accessible.

They wrap the easiest part.  Right?

It is like having an electric blanket on under your house but you are sleeping outside.

You will freeze and your pipes will freeze too!

Keep a couple of bottles of Liqui-Fire on hand for when your pipes freeze.

  Good stores sell Heat Tape.       Great Stores Sell Liqui-Fire!

Take this number to your favorite retailer and have them order Liqui-Fire while you are there.

Woodsmans International  (905) 373-0237

Click here to order Liqui-Fire now.

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