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The comment below was written by a skeptic and reluctant Liqui-Fire customer who lives in a cabin in the extreme northern region of Ontario.

Posted on “X DANGERS X of Thawing Frozen Pipes and Sewers” by Robert Smith on said: Edit

I just wanted to post a comment about the product Liqui Fire. I have a cabin in Northern Canada and my septic pipe froze. The line is 3 ” and approx 20 feet were frozen with 13 feet under the ground. I read about Liqui Fire while researching how to thaw the line. I was skeptic that the product would work by just pouring it in the line. I spoke to my local hardware store owner to see if they had any. She advised that they didn’t but if I could find some I should buy it because it works. I still procrastinated ordering two bottles so I called the company in Ontario and spoke to the owner he said it would thaw the septic line no problem. He said 1 bottle should do the job but recommended having a second one on hand. I finally ordered the product after a week of thinking about it as to get the line thawed by a local steam company was going to cost several hundred dollars. The product arrived in less than a week after I ordered it. I was still skeptical that the product would work. I poured 1 bottle down the clean out and waited the 4 hours like recommended. I didn’t want to chance the line still being frozen so I poured the second bottle down the clean out. There was still ice visible in the line but the product sounded like it was running down the line. I waited another 4 hours then turned on the hot water to see if the line was thawed. IT WAS!! I probably could have used just one bottle but for 20 dollars I don’t mind using the second bottle, in the long run it has been a cheap fix to my frozen line. I ran several tanks of hot water down the line without any further problems. I will be ordering a couple more bottles for myself and a few to have on hand at the office. To say that I am amazed that the product works is an understatement. I will recommend the product to anyone that has frozen lines. It definitely saved me money. The only recommendation I would have is to shake the bottle well as the first bottle wasn’t completely mixed, but it still worked.

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February 7 2013 Liqui-Fire endorsement from Josh M. – Facebook.
This remark was written and posted by Josh M. after a female had began stalking Liqui-Fire Facebook customers and she ( Beth K.) had written on Josh M’s. Facebook wall.
Josh M. wrote:
I have no complaint about your product *Liqui-Fire by Woodsmans International*
I have not posted my results until now …  I will say that your product does work and it works well.  However your 4 hour theory is wrong, horribly wrong in my application anyway... Liqui-Fire by Woodsmans International took 3 and a half days and 4 bottles to thaw my well line but it did get water after it sat for the 3 days… Liqui-Fire did quite well considering the temperature was around -40 for 2 weeks while i had frozen pipes but Liqui-fire thawed roughly 10 feet of ice in those conditions which I find impressive.  I don’t know Beth K. on Facebook … however I would have told her to try Liqui-Fire and wait longer than stated…. Thank you for a great product… I now keep a couple bottles just in case. … Liqui-Fire saves you money as well as your time.
Josh M. – Facebook
*Note* Only spelling errors were corrected and Liqui-Fire and/or Liqui-Fire by Woodsmans International was used to replace the word “it”.
Some folks told us that when their pipe froze, their city charged $6,000.00 to dig it up and replace it.
Other folks told us they were charged from $270.00 upwards to nearly $2,000.00 for a plumbing crew to thaw their frozen sewer pipes and frozen water pipes.
*Note* Every frozen water pipe, frozen drain pipe, frozen sewer pipe, or frozen septic pipes or frozen septic system will take different amounts of time to thaw.  Some Liqui-Fire customers write telling us their frozen pipes were thawed in under an hour even though their pipes may have been extremely long.  Other Liqui-Fire customers write to inform us that their frozen pipes took longer to thaw than they had hoped just as Josh M. experienced in his case.  Some customers use a couple of bottles while other customers use more.
In conclusion; almost every Liqui-Fire customer has been happy with their experience in using Liqui-Fire.

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